hi!!! i'm emile, also known as vinegar. i'm a writer and multimedia artist from the west coast! :) i use they/them or he/him pronouns and identify as nonbinary + pansexual as well as being agnostic

i heavily enjoy horror media, args, unfiction, a slew of different music genres, musical theatre, and gaming!! (more exhaustive list under interests) i am also a long time roleplayer/writer since 2014 (roughly) and dabble in irl and game photography, digital art, video editing, photo manipulation, and patch matching + a bunch of random other hobbies i've touched on b4, PLS ask me abt my hobbies i love to ramble ab them!!! :D


while i am fine with generally respectful conversations about things, i have boundries about what i prefer not to talk about/be dragged into which are mostly common sense; please do not drag me into drama without asking me first!! i no longer associate with the group Ghost - ROBLOX due to circumstances regarding its owner and many of its upper staff as of writing this, which im not gonna get into on my page ofc.

DO NOT INTERACT: general dni criteria, matt, jocelynn, serentity/lilith, anti-lgbtq/mogai, radfems, racists, zionists, pro-ana/ed/sh, ableists, lolicon/shotacon/etc, maps, infantilizers, heavy nsfw accts (unless i reach out), autism speaks, supporters, zoophiles, under 13, over 30, bodyshamers (both @ skinny and plus sized), ppl who force their religion on you

BEFORE YOU INTERACT: i am a minor, so please keep those in mind before interacting. i do have misophonia and emetophobia and are incredibly uncomfortable w/ some sounds so PLEASE if you are unsure if something will make me uncomfortable, ask me first! i also don't mind talking abt nsfw topics, but please ask me beforehand.

check out these cool sites/projects!

Milton Math Games Gojira ROBLOX Utilita Arena ROBLOX Key's Klubhouse Uncanny Valley Web Massivecraft